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Great shop and they did excellent work. Had my part ordered the same day and fixed my car the next morning. Quick service and nice guys. Reviewed by Todd Betzold on Sep 20, 2014

NE automotive are good people! I'd recommend them to the whole town, honest, good people Reviewed by K.K. Grand Rapids, MI on Sep 19, 2014
I appreciate the honesty, the good work, the friendliness and the fact that you have loaner cars or give rides as needed. This was my first visit and came highly recommended by my son. I was not disappointed. I will recommend Northeast Automotive to my family and friends! Excellent rating! Reviewed by Candy Parler on Aug 29, 2014
Thanks again! Reviewed by Carol Waldeck on Aug 26, 2014
Fantastic service. Above and beyond helpful on trying to get major work done on a budget. Will come back anytime repairs are needed. Reviewed by Kristi Marshall on Aug 22, 2014
Cliff, Paula, and their crew do a great job of "managing" our cars: doing what needs to be done, holding off on what can wait, and keeping costs down whenever possible. We trust them with taking care of all our vehicles! Reviewed by R.G. Grand Rapids, MI on Aug 18, 2014
The people who work at Northeast Automotive are always so friendly and helpful. I would tell my friends to try it out. We trust them with our cars and they are honest with their work. Reviewed by Patrick & Lori McGovern on Aug 11, 2014
Friendly staff and quick service. Had my vehicle in and out within hours! Reviewed by Todd Betzold on Aug 04, 2014
Yes very satisfied with your work feel you are honest with me about all my problems .I recommend you to my church friends especially as you advertise in our church bulletin also to my other friends. I sent an email to you also Reviewed by Geri Schultz on Aug 01, 2014
Thanks again! Reviewed by Carol Waldeck on Jul 29, 2014
Much obliged! Reviewed by Thomas M on Jul 26, 2014
Great job done on my car. Thanks a lot. Reviewed by Dawne & John Ball on Jul 25, 2014
Fast , friendly, and professional service. Glad they are close to home. Reviewed by Ruth & Dominic Mattone on Jul 18, 2014
I can always count on Northeast to get my car running quickly and it stays running. Never have to go back because it wasn't fixed the first time. Reviewed by Paula Jackson on Jun 28, 2014
Better than going to a dealer any day! Reviewed by Jeff Thomas on Jun 13, 2014
Thanks Cliff and Paula! Reviewed by Matt Patulski on Jun 13, 2014
Typical great service. I only wish I didn't have to go see him so often. Oh well, a new car would take care of that (for awhile anyway!) Reviewed by Karl Dyksterhouse on May 30, 2014
It's always a good experience at a fair price. Thank you Reviewed by Fred Osborn on May 19, 2014
Pleasant, friendly, wise service Reviewed by Anonymous on May 03, 2014
Very good service. Reviewed by Karl Dyksterhouse on Apr 27, 2014
It's great to have a repair shop in my neighborhood that I can count on for good service and advice. Reviewed by J.T. Grand Rapids, MI on Apr 25, 2014
Cliff is the best! I recommend the shop to everyone I know. Reviewed by Mary Sherman on Apr 25, 2014
I really appreciate the great service both car and personal service to help me out Hope you're around for a good long time thanks Bob Reviewed by Robert Meyer on Apr 21, 2014
Work was completed on time and at the cost given in the estimate. I truly appreciate that. Reviewed by Ruth & Dominic Mattone on Apr 13, 2014
Great, fast service. Problem was diagnosed on day 1 and 2 days later I was able to get the vehicle in and taken care of promptly. Reviewed by Ruth & Dominic Mattone on Apr 05, 2014
You always do very well mine. Thank you very much. Reviewed by Maynard Belt on Apr 04, 2014
Excellent service, work done in a timely manner, always gives honest evaluation of car. Never have to worry about them " finding " something wrong just to bill you. Reviewed by Anonymous on Mar 28, 2014
Sure happy I switched to Northeast automotive! Reviewed by Marge Gilles on Mar 24, 2014
Northeast Automotive is our go-to service station whenever in need of repair service. They get the job done fast for a fair price, and without trying to sell unnecessary repairs and service. Reviewed by Kristen & Steve Kaminski on Mar 21, 2014
Nice to have mechanics you can trust. Reviewed by Ruth & Dominic Mattone on Mar 14, 2014
5 star!! Reviewed by Maynard Belt on Mar 14, 2014
Your service and work completed were excellent as always! Reviewed by Bill Bassford on Mar 01, 2014
You guys are pretty good for amatures. I did mention tht I had come to once for some help and you sent me to a Mercedes garage. WHO DID AN EXELENT JOB AND PAID ME FOR BRINGING IT IN Reviewed by Ed Cavanaugh on Feb 21, 2014
Great service, communication, and pricing. Reviewed by Jim on Feb 14, 2014
Great, fast service! Always able to count on them for excellent service! Reviewed by JoAnn Hardie on Jan 24, 2014
Very friendly and honest people. Reviewed by Jim K on Jan 18, 2014
Great to work with! They look out for your auto! Reviewed by Dave & Gayle Boyer on Jan 03, 2014
another satisfied customer as I appreciated effort to get the Lincoln out before Christmas and the 'taxi-ride' to my house by Paula was very considerate and "over the top". Remember that you are the ones I requested that the tow truck drop the vehicle off to ... from my prior connections / visits to your shop. Reviewed by George Modena on Jan 01, 2014
Fast turn around, dependable service, honest and friendly people. Reviewed by Paula Jackson on Dec 21, 2013
Excellent service and customer service Reviewed by Dianna Ruel on Dec 20, 2013
Excellent service and very friendly owners and workers. Reviewed by Dawne & John Ball on Dec 14, 2013
Excellent service and very friendly owners and workers. Reviewed by Dawne & John Ball on Dec 14, 2013
Spoke to Mary Wilson, our neighbor today. She is very happy with you also. Reviewed by Jim DeVries on Dec 13, 2013
Northeast has always worked with me in a professional and timely manner. Reviewed by Karl Dyksterhouse on Dec 06, 2013
We are very happy with the work Cliff and Paula and their team have done for us. They are more than fair with their prices and go the extra mile for their customers. Reviewed by Dawne & John Ball on Nov 27, 2013
Great service that I can count on! Thanks! Reviewed by JoAnn Hardie on Nov 27, 2013
Service has always been really quick and customer service is excellent! Ive never had aby problems with any of the repairs ive had done on my car. I definitely plan on taking my car there when it needs service and would recommend to a friend. Reviewed by Anonymous on Nov 22, 2013
Replaced the power steering on my pickup virtually overnight, these guys really helped me out when I was in a jam and didn't break the bank doing it. Thanks a lot! Reviewed by Josh Barnhart on Nov 21, 2013
Honest, straightforward service. Reviewed by M.T. Grand Rapids, MI on Nov 13, 2013
I appreciated you changing my oil even though you were super busy, thank you. Reviewed by Clarence Gobrogge on Nov 08, 2013
Great service, speedy, appreciated the loaner car. The issue with a ticking sound when my air is on was not address and my car smelled like smoke and my windows were rolled down and it was raining slightly. The rest was A+ service. Reviewed by Elsa Haga on Nov 08, 2013
I have already told people That you are honest and very good I trust you .Some places take advantage of women but I don't believe you do thanks its like driving a new car Reviewed by Geri Schultz on Oct 18, 2013
Thank you for the fast , professional, and courteous service on such short notice. Reviewed by Ruth & Dominic Mattone on Oct 12, 2013
You all do a great job! Reviewed by R.L. Grand Rapids, MI on Oct 12, 2013
great customer service and going the extra mile to get the car serviced on a timely basis. Reviewed by Dianna Ruel on Sep 30, 2013
My break pedal has been making a weird noise since I brought it in last week. If it continues, I will bring it back so you can check it for me. But, as always...the best service around. Love you guys! Reviewed by Carol Waldeck on Sep 28, 2013
Great work with a fair price. Reviewed by Anonymous on Sep 27, 2013
You guys are great. I'm happy I have a place to take my car now. I called on Friday and my car got fixed on Monday. I've already recommended you to some of my friends. Reviewed by linda cisco on Sep 15, 2013
I always appreciate the friendly and efficient service. Reviewed by Ruth & Dominic Mattone on Sep 13, 2013
Thanks guys for all your time and hard work! Thanks for taking such good care of me. Reviewed by Wendy Salinas on Aug 30, 2013
Did a great job. I would recommend them to anybody in the area. Exactly how an auto repair shop should do business. Reviewed by J. Clark on Aug 23, 2013
``Half the people you serve have been recommended by me!!! Your service is great your cost is moderate And Paula is the sweetest woman I know Reviewed by Ed Cavanaugh on Aug 09, 2013
You are very friendly, always smiling and , courteous. Very reasonably priced in your work and generous with gift cards. Reviewed by Dawne & John Ball on Aug 05, 2013
Excellent service. They never suggest any repairs/service that is not required. Reviewed by Anonymous on Aug 05, 2013
great job as always thanks Reviewed by Robert Meyer on Jul 27, 2013
HEY CLIFF/PAULA! car still running like (crap)?? idle/muffler? runs! like? muffler/cadillac converter/going out?? i don,t know?? needs to be looked at! thanks david Reviewed by David Null on Jul 26, 2013
Have been to you twice for work. Very friendly, professional service. This last time was for battery. From the time I pulled in to your shop, you tested my battery, found a new one at your shop, Nd installed it out in your lot. Elapsed time was no more than 17-20 mins _thanks so much Reviewed by Scott Hamilton on Jul 20, 2013
Another fine job! Reviewed by Maynard Belt on Jul 19, 2013
Always friendly and honest. Reviewed by Jean Wisneski on Jul 08, 2013
The finest auto repair shop I have ever dealt with. They bring customer service to a whole new level. I reccomend them to all my family and friends. Reviewed by Tom Wilkinson on Jun 23, 2013
Extremely personable experience. They WANT to help! Reviewed by David Guillory on Jun 14, 2013
Service is reasonably priced and the staff at Northeast only performs the work that needs to be done. No hidden surprises or charges. I have been happy with all the work they have done on my vehicles. Reviewed by Walt Weston on Jun 10, 2013
Once again...excellent service! Reviewed by Carol Waldeck on Jun 08, 2013
Awesome job. You did just what was needed at a fair price. Glad to find an honest repair shop. Thanks for taking care of us. Reviewed by DOUG MILHOLIN on Jun 08, 2013
Thanks for the hard work, quick turn around. I hope to be back for other repairs. Reviewed by David Rohne on Jun 07, 2013
Thanks for your timely and friendly service. Reviewed by Matt Jones on Jun 06, 2013
We are always highly satisfied with the service we receive on our vehicles at Northeast Automotive. I'm so glad our oldest son recommended them to us. Reviewed by Regina & Larry Clouse on May 27, 2013
Cliff was very knowledgable in accessing what was wrong with my vehicle and gave me a very fair price. I would recommend Northeast Automotive for your car repairs. Reviewed by Jeff Yen on May 27, 2013
We are ALWAYS so happy with your service! Thank you so much!!!! Reviewed by Bob & Jill Konczal on May 26, 2013
I was very pleased with your service and would recommend you to anyone who needs a great mechanic! It is great to know I can always count on good service! Reviewed by JoAnn Hardie on May 24, 2013
Cliff and his staff were very helpful and got my car back on the road soon. Reviewed by Jeff Yen on May 11, 2013
Cliff Northeast Automotive is my preferred service center. Whenever I need service, you are the first one that I call. I give you 5 stars for your service, honesty, and reasonable pricing. Walt Reviewed by Walt Weston on May 07, 2013
trust these people Reviewed by Robert Meyer on May 06, 2013
you always go above and beyond Reviewed by Colleen Drozd on May 04, 2013
Great guys, always willing to help in any way. I'll be going back. Reviewed by Eric Bigoness on May 04, 2013
You folks treated me so well. Work on my car was finished when you said it would be, and at the price. Would I recommend you to a friend? I already have. As a matter of fact I'll be up for an oil change soon. Reviewed by Scott Hamilton on May 04, 2013
Best mechanic I have had in the last 50 years. Reviewed by Tom Wilkinson on May 03, 2013
Great service, honest and dependable shop! Reviewed by Patricia Thomas on May 03, 2013
You know I would and have recommended N.E to my friends. I hope your business keeps on prospering. and I am looking forward to hearing good news from you. Ed Reviewed by Ed Cavanaugh on May 03, 2013
Great customer service, friendly, honest, fair, integrity Reviewed by Dee Gage on May 03, 2013
Very good and honest Reviewed by Geri Schultz on May 03, 2013
Fsntastic and very fair service! None better! Reviewed by Paul Bragenzer on May 03, 2013
Northeast installed new front axles & new front & rear sway links on my 2001 Altima at a price significantly less than what the dealer wanted. I've since given the Altima to my son because I bought a 2007 Nissan Frontier pickup which I will take to Northeast Automotive when it needs service. My son had his 1999 Infinity I30 serviced at Northeast until he sold it recently after I gave him my Altima. I'm sure he'll have his Altima serviced at Northeast as needed. Jim Corbett Grand Rapids Reviewed by Jim Corbette on May 03, 2013
Great honest service. Reviewed by Bill Reed on May 03, 2013
They really took care of me here. I will never go anywhere else as long as I live in west Michigan! Reviewed by Kyle Juresich on May 03, 2013
There is no comparison. Northeast Automotive is the most thoughtful, helpful, and affordable auto shop in Grand Rapids. They treat you like family and do honest, trustworthy work. Reviewed by Matt Kuzawa on May 03, 2013

Featured review - Car runs Great Looks Great (thank you) Air is nice to enjoy again Great job to all of you. Have another appt for Tue for more work Its nice to have a repair shop close buy that I can trust

Verified customer - I appreciated the shop taking my car on short notice and completing the work in a timely and efficient manner.

Verified customer - Thank you for your attention to detail!

Verified customer - They were very professional, helpful and went out of their way to make my car situation as convenient and as positive as possible!!!!

Verified customer - Unexpected problems with the vehicle were dealt immediately and I did not have to schedule an appointment for a later day.

Verified customer - Amazing Amazing job

Verified customer - Staff was friendly and courteous. Work was done on time as stated.

Verified customer - I found it super helpful that loaner cars are available. It makes having a vehicle in the shop much less painful!!

Verified customer - I fully trust you to do the job where many places will take advantage of women when they bring their car in for work. I feel you treated me very well, And thanks for the clean windows and vacumning the car. It was a oleasure and will recommend you highly THANKS AGAIN job well done -Geri

Verified customer - I was told by a Nissan dealer that my 2001 Altima needed both axles replaced as well as the rear sway links and quoted me a price of $660 to have the work done. Cliff of Northeast Automotive told me he'd do the same job for about $550 so I left my car there and later got a call telling me the front sway links were bad too which did not surprise me. I had them do both front and rear sway links in addiction to both axles and the total charge was only $649, still less than what the dealer wanted for only the rear sway links and both axles. Car drives fine now and should be good for another few years despite having 140,000 miles on it. Best car I've ever owned. My son also has his 1999 Infinity I30T serviced by Northeast Automotive and recommended them to me.

Verified customer - I took my car in for two different noise issues. They were able to find out the problems in no time. One was somewhat costly, but the owner didn't hesitate to let me know that the other issue was not a safety issue and recommended that since I am a college student, I don't need to drop $200 to just fix a noise. I really appreciated the honesty. This was the 3rd or 4th time I've taken my car here and I really like the friendliness and prompt service.

Verified customer - Work done on time; at estimated amount and w/o surprizes; NE Auto is our trusted source for all our auto repair.

Verified customer - They were very helpful and courteous.

Verified customer - As usual an excellent job and the loaner really made it convenient for us!

Verified customer - great service, timely, and friendly! thanks guys!!!

Verified customer - Great service and friendly.

Verified customer - Trustworty service. Good prices. i would recommend,.

- From the time I walked in until the time I picked up the vehicle, the service was great. Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable, at a fair price. Repairs were completed in a thorough and timely manner. Additional service recommendations consisted of nothing but a few things that were actually wrong, no trying to upsell different unnecessary services. Will definitely return and recommend.

Verified customer - Northeast Automotive did an excellent job in fixing my car and informed me all the way what needed to be fixed. I would recommend them to anyone for the great service that they gave.

Verified customer - Did required work with attention to an additional needed repair. Prompt service, reasonable charges.

Verified customer - Cliff is always extremely professional and helpful. I tell everyone I know about Northeast Automotive.

Verified customer - always friendly and dependable!

Verified customer - The problem was very minor and I was not charged for the work. How refreshing is that from a business. I would definitely go back when my car needs service.

Verified customer - great friendly service. Have been going there for a few years. Quality work and fair pricing. Never have i been hassled or felt pressured to purchase added services or parts.

Verified customer - Fast friendly service and a feeling of knowing a good job was done!

Verified customer - have already recommended..

Verified customer - very easy and time efficient for my oil change. Thanks

Verified customer - good service. quick and timely.

Verified customer - Best service around hands down. Very trustworthy staff and reasonable pricing. I would highly recommend the services of Northeast Automotive.

Verified customer - Your service was prompt and effective. The problem was corrected and I really appreciated the lift to my house after I dropped off my car.

Verified customer - Thanks for you help this week with the cars. and the recommendation on the tire store.

Verified customer - Without hesitation, I can say I trust Northeast Automotive explicitly with my vehicle. Customer service is excellent. When they say "satisfaction guaranteed", they mean it. They have my loyalty completely.

Verified customer - Made an appointment less than 24 hours and was able to get in. Car was taken right on time and the work completed well before I came back to get it. Great friendly, efficient service.

Verified customer - I've been to Northeast Auto a number of times over the past few years and I've always been happy with them. Cliff, Paula & their tech are good at explaining what's wrong with my car and the options to getting it fixed.

Verified customer - Both of us well satisfied with the service and repairs

Verified customer - Dropped my car off @ 7:30 am without an appointment and it was done by 4:30 the same day. They were able to diagnose the problem with the car, fixed it and also changed the transmission fluid. Cliff and Paula are very polite, they explain what the problem is and what needs to be done to correct it. Thanks for the great service. I hope I don't have any more problems with my car but if I do, I know where to go.

Verified customer - Friendly, professional service and priced fair and square. I will definitely trust them again for auto service.

Verified customer - Northeast is accommodating and interested in providing the best value they can. Options are fully explained.

Verified customer - As always repairs appear supurb but I might now have a small radiator leak. I am seeing small puddles when stop then move and I had to refill the overflow jug because it was empty and I haven't checked it since, You know me I rarely go anywhere. purchased radiator from you in March or April this year. Not sure where leak is yet and I'm not crawling under it when it running to find out I will see you next month - small can of sealant should fix this - Minor issue to me! Have a Happy Halloween! Michael Mosher Sr.

Verified customer - Always fair prices and clear, honest explanation of the services needed. We always call them first when our vehicles need work. Thanks Cliff!

Verified customer - Cliff talked me through the options. We settled on a solution that would minimize the chance of damaging the surrounding parts on my old car.

Verified customer - I brought my car in a day earlier than the appointment and was able to leave it overnight. It was worked on the first thing in the morning and I had it back with plenty of time to get to my 11 AM appointment. I truly appreciated the on time completion of the repair.

Verified customer - Like always, my experience was excellent! Always great service with a smile and kind word or two!

Verified customer - Wonderful service and work. They had no problem driving me home and picking me up although I only like a few mile, but still very nice. Very perfessional in their work.

Verified customer - I am very pleased to have gone to Northeast Auto and will return whenever service is needed again for my car!

Verified customer - Finally found people I can trust to give great service without looking to their own wallets first. Trustworthy operation

Verified customer - Efficient and dependable service! Always available to answer questions and concerns! - Thank you

Verified customer - excellent service as usual. Best place in town for everything!

Verified customer - Thank you for being consistent and taking care of our cars! Oh and witha reasonable price AND smiles. We appreciate you.

Verified customer - We appreciate your service and trust your in your advice completely. I thank you for taxi service that I always can depend on it. I have recomended you to all my friends. You are one of those who would not take advantage of anyone.Thanks!

Verified customer - I called them after having been referred by a friend. They were more friendly than any repair facility I have ever been to. Very professional work and I haven't ever been this happy with new brakes. They also stand behind their work and are honest with you.

Verified customer - We were able to get both of our vehicles in for oil changes on very short notice. Both cars were taken at the appointed time and the work was completed in a very timely and professional manner. We are grateful to have a competent and friendly auto repair facility so close to our home.

Verified customer - Great service-Cliff the owner is very honest. I would highly recommend this business to anyone.

Verified customer - Northeast Automotive does a great job fixing cars and trucks. They are honest and won't just fix something to make money, but only if it is actually broken.

Verified customer - I took my 2000 subaru outback in for an oil change - As I was leaving I remembered that the muffler had a some type of problem .It was louder than it should have been. I ask Cliff to take a look at it. He call me back in about 20 minutes with the diagnosis. the subaru parts would be about 420 dollars or he could try and fix it themselves. They went the extra mile and Fixed the problem with out the subaru parts and save me 370 dollars.

Verified customer - Thank you so much for taking care of me!! You guys are truely awesome!

Verified customer - First time in a long time I have done business with an auto repair company I could trust to do a good job and not break the bank. Hard to find such a place. I'll be back.

Verified customer - Cliff and Paula have a good thing going. The environment is professional and friendly. My car issue was easy to diagnose, they showed me the problem under the car, and gave me an accurate quote on what to expect for the cost. Cliff even gave me a ride back to work! This was a great experience and will keep me coming back for future repairs.

Verified customer - Reliable, trustworthy, and always willing to work with you to take care of your automotive needs. I never want to go anywhere else!

Verified customer - Honest, win-win oriented people. Would recommend to anyone.

Verified customer - Used Northeast Auto for the 2nd time. I had a concern with the way the car was repaired and Cliff and his team bent over backwards to make it right. This place is not your average Auto shop!

Verified customer - Found a great price and very fair on installation costs. Cliff and Paula always work with me and always want to know if things are right. They truly care and are honest to the hilt.

Verified customer - the people at northeast auto there very honest people "and thank you for that" and just good people its hard to trust but with them thay have "that" good or bad news its allways the truth and who could go wrong with that

Verified customer - Once again I rec'd great servicecare and help. Car runs even better now. Great work service and care for customer

Verified customer - Car runs Great Looks Great (thank you) Air is nice to enjoy again Great job to all of you. Have another appt for Tue for more work Its nice to have a repair shop close buy that I can trust

Verified customer - I have finally found mechanics I can trust, good feeling.

Verified customer - My experiences at Northeast Auto have always been very positive. Cliff and Paula are very honest and friendly people. I know that they really care about ME and my CAR! They've got a life long customer with me!

Verified customer - I had another garage change brake pads and rotors .and when I was hauling a trailer to Grand Rapids, I had trouble getting the thing stopped. The previous mechanic had put the wrong size rotor on the front and only 2/3rds of the pad was braking. these guys fixed it in a morning.

Verified customer - Thank Cliff and Paula for keeping our cars in running order! I appreciate the great service at low prices and will continue to recommend you to people in our community.

Verified customer - You guys did an excellent job fixing my car. Everything was reasonably priced, and I had my car back very quickly. Thanks!

Verified customer - Cliff and Mitch take excellent care of me as a customer and my car. Wouldn't to anywhere else.

Verified customer - Cliff and team are solid people whom in the short time that I have known them, I fully trust. Thanks for the service! -Matt

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